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What we live by~

Stupid &

Stupid gets the work done. That’s why all stupid ideas executed seriously. Very seriously.


Your growth is crucial. Incremental compounding improvement that’s crucial for you and for Defy.


Have a question? Ask. No voice goes unheard and nobody goes unnoticed.

What it’s like to be a Defyer

There is one thing that matters at Defy - what you bring to the table. We are a team that refuses to swim with the sea. We’d rather be burnt through experience than unscathed because of we were afraid to try. We’re a team that taken up a task that hasn’t ever been done before. Will it be tough? Sure! Are we afraid? Yes! But is the thrill worth it? Heck yeah!

  • Pet friendly workspace

    Crazy pet parent? So are we! Bring your cat, dog, rabbit along. Furry friends, FTW!

  • Beer on the house

    Chug, chug, gulp! Beer, whiskey, wine - our Friday is usually a FRIYAY!

  • Work hard, Celebrate harder

    We celebrate big wins and the small ones too!

  • All the gizmos to get you started

    The latest and the best, all to enable you to bring your A-game on!