Media Kit

Hey there! Here’s all the you need to know about Defy, the social cryptocurrency app that is on the mission to make the world of cryptocurreny a lot less intimidating and a lot more exciting.

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We believe that this deck will enable you to get a deeper understanding of the people we are and the product we’re building. Every decision taken on Defy puts the user’s needs first. This is one of the core reasons we exist - to democratise the way you handle your money and ensure that you have fun while doing so.


  • We’re here to help you understand our brand better

    Feel free to use Defy’s brand assets, icons and social media posts for coverage around Defy.

  • Respect the ethos of the brand

    While this is available for your use, please be cognisant of the fact that we take our brand very seriously. Kindly respect the assets and the material provided to you


  • Resize, reshape or modify

    A lot of thought has gone into building the colours, dimensions, shape and behaviour of the logo. Making any modifications would be disrespectful to the brand.

  • Use Defy on your application

    We’re building a brand and our identity. We are providing this to you based on trust; and we’d love for you to reciprocate the same.

  • Use, sell or reproduce any asset (in full or partly)

    Consent is everything. Whether it is in a relationship or on the usage of the assets.

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