0x (ZRX)

A brief summary about 0x (ZRX), and what makes it unique.

0x (ZRX)

What is 0x?

0x is a protocol which facilitates direct exchange of assets on the Ethereum network without involving an exchange by using smart contracts which are open source and openly auditable to improve transparency and reliability. 0x protocol can be easily integrated into newly developed applications such as in-game asset purchases and portfolio management softwares. 0x has developed an API called the 0x API which sources liquidity across various blockchains. 0x’s protocol can also be used to build DEXs. ZRX is the platform’s utility which is used to pay gas fees.

Why buy ZRX?

ZRX is not only used in transactions, but it also gives voting rights to token holders. The voting power of a user is determined by the size of their ZRX holdings. ZRX can also be deposited in liquidity pools to earn interest. The gas fee paid in the form of ZRX is used to generate liquidity in the market maker system. The team of developers behind 0x is also incentivized through ZRX tokens. Matcha, a search engine developed by 0x is used as a DEX liquidity aggregator which helps investors to simplify the process of choosing the best deal offered across various exchanges. 0x also supports the exchange of NFTs. 0x is an extremely useful and adaptable tool due to the vast range of assets which can be exchanged through it.

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