Basic Attention Token (BAT)

A brief summary about Basic Attention Token (BAT), and what makes it unique.

Basic Attention Token (BAT)

What is Basic Attention Token?

BAT, or Basic Attention Token is used in a blockchain based advertising platform to incentivize users to view ads by rewarding them with BAT tokens. The service can be availed using the Brave browser, which does not allow advertisers to engage in invasive data tracking and privacy violating techniques to collect user data. With the Brave rewards program, users can earn BAT rewards on Brave for viewing ethical targeted ads. Advertisers pay the platform through BAT tokens as well. Intermediary advertising costs are drastically reduced in this model.

Why buy BAT?

BAT can be bought from several exchanges. Advertisers sell their BAT tokens to the platform to run their campaigns. 70% of these tokens are paid to users in the form of Brave rewards, the rest is taken up as commission by the Brave network and other ad publishers. A minimum of $2500 is to be paid by advertisers to run their ads on the platform. However, to make the platform more inclusive, a cheaper, alternative ad program is being curated. BAT was one the the fastest coins to sell out in an ICO. More than 3,68,000 wallets hold BAT tokens. Brave can be used to accumulate rewards and redeem them by registering on the network at a later date. This has expanded the user base of BAT as well as Brave browser beyond its regular registered network participants.

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