Decred (DCR)

A brief summary about Decred (DCR), and what makes it unique.

Decred (DCR)

What is Decred?

Decred is a DAO which was originally forked from the Bitcoin blockchain. It focuses on improving decentralization and uses a hybrid consensus mechanism which combines the most suitable features from the Proof of Work and Proof of Stake models to enhance the system’s security. The platform allows network participants to take part in the governance process by giving them formal rights to vote on platform, as well as project specific issues. This makes the platform flexible and prevents forking due to disagreements between developers. Decred is self-sustaining, as it uses a portion of the block rewards to fund its operations. DCR is the native token of the Decred DAO, and it facilitates the goals of the platform.

Why buy DCR?

DCR has been developed according to the Decred protocol, which prevents monopolies from arising in the Decred network. Politeia, the network’s specialized voting platform, was created to ensure that there is no possibility for participants who hold large amounts of DCR to influence the voting process of the platform. All DCR holders have equal voting rights, and the network’s governance is protected from manipulation by big players. Voting is held by a ticket-holding process. Hence, DCR is one of the most transparent and empowering crypto token to hold, in the current market.

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