Maker (MKR)

A brief summary about Maker (MKR), and what makes it unique.

Maker (MKR)

What is Maker?

Maker, denoted by the ticker MKR , is used to govern and manage the DAI token. It is the native governance token of the Maker DAO and the Maker Protocol, a software platform based on the Ethereum chain. MKR holders are entitled to have voting rights over matters concerning the Maker DAO and the Maker Protocol. MKR’s value is directly proportional to the value of DAI.

Why buy MKR?

The size of an investor’s MKR holdings determines the voting power they have over the management of the DAI stablecoin - including issues such as minting new DAI coins, adding new collateral asset types, defining risk parameters for different collateral assets, determining the DAI savings rate, selecting the Oracles, or entities that provide reliable off-blockchain data, platform upgrades, etc. Since DAI is the 25th largest cryptocurrency and one the the most popular stablecoins in the current market, being able to participate directly in its governance provides appeal to the MKR token.

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