A brief summary about NEO, and what makes it unique.


What is Neo?

Previously known as Antshares, Neo is the first ever Chinese public blockchain project which is building a community-based network of developers that contribute towards building digital assets on the platform. Neo aims to remove entry barriers for beginners to help them build blockchain based services such as DApps and smart contracts. Neo's prime goal is the democratization of blockchain technology. NEO is the native token of the platform. Neo is secured through a delegated Byzantine Fault tolerance model, where NEO token holders choose delegates who approve the addition of new blocks through majority consensus (2/3rd consensus).

Why buy NEO?

The NEO platform can process thousands of transactions per second, making it one of the fastest blockchains. NEO not only facilities transactions, it also gives voting power to token holders. NEO runs a large scale development fund which keeps the network adaptable and up to date. Neo has already evolved into an enhanced version called Neo 3.0 The development fund finances high potential projects throughout the entirety of their life cycle. NEO is not generated through mining. The entire supply of NEO was generated during its launch.

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