Telcoin (TEL)

A brief summary about Telcoin (TEL), and what makes it unique.

Telcoin (TEL)

What is Telcoin?

Telcoin is a decentralized finance (DeFi) service which aims to democratize global access to financial products. Telcoin is a network of mobile network operators, mobile financial service providers and other users. Telcoin Remittances is a digital payment processor which facilitates speedy and cheap money transfer by partnering with several mobile wallet services. It has recently launched its version 3 which features the Send Money Smarter (SMS) network, and TELxchange, a DEX. Telcoin is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. It is also regulated by monetary authorities in several other countries and acts as a member of the GSMA. TEL is the native coin of the network.

Why buy TEL?

TEL facilitates transactions, acts as a store of value, and a protocol token for the Telcoin platform. TEL powers seamless access to global DeFi services. TEL is used to incentivize network participants like mobile finance service providers and mobile network operators to contribute towards the development of the platform by offering their services to the users. Telcoin is classified as a major payment institution because it has partnered with global telecom providers with over 5 billion users who have the ability to give access to DeFi services to millions of its mobile phone users.

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