The Graph (GRT)

A brief summary about The Graph (GRT), and what makes it unique.

The Graph (GRT)

What is The Graph?

The Graph is a protocol which indexes blockchain data to answer queries. Currently the Graph indexes data from the Ethereum, IPFS and POA blockchains. It is also integrating a service which will allow users to create and develop DApps on the network. The Graph has a vast network of curators and indexing nodes to develop data. The network’s work token, GRT, is used to pay for indexing and curating services. It is an ERC-20 token.

Why buy GRT?

The graph aims to bring decentralization to the mainstream. Data security and validity is ensured using the GRT token. The content curators and indexers on the network earn in proportion to their contribution towards the network. Users can also delegate their tokens to indexers and earn a portion of the query fee they receive upon indexing.

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