A brief summary about (YFI), and what makes it unique. (YFI)

What is uses automatic processes to help DeFi investors to maximize their yield farming profits by aggregating various investment opportunities in the DeFi space and helping novice, hobbyist and  laymen investors who lack in depth technical knowledge to take advantage of the income avenues offered by DeFi. The project has seen massive growth due to the rising popularity of DeFi products. It’s native token is YFI. usually provides a return of 25%- 35% on investment in their products.

Why buy YFI? is the sixth largest liquidity provider holding over $4 billion in funds in the DeFi space. Yearn has two products : Vault and Earn. Vault is a liquidity pool which distributes transaction fees across all participants, automatically generates yield based on market prices and allocates capital among all liquidity providers. Earn is a DEX aggregator which continuously shifts user funds to the exchange providing the best interest rate. also offers a variety of other lending products such as StableCredit, yTrade, ySwap, yBorrow, yLiquidate, and yGift. YFI acts as the governance token of the platform and allows token holders to partake in off-chain voting to implement changes in the protocol.

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