Out Of The Block with Harshad

What does it take to defy the norm? See what our Community Manager, Harshad Fad has to say about it.

Out Of The Block with Harshad

What does it take to defy the norm?

This new year we caught up with Harshad Fad (he/him), Community Manager, Defy on his path to defiance. Here’s the story:

“I am a small town guy. Most of my schooling happened in a small town. And in small towns you are aloof to most things we see today, for example, diversity amongst all of us or the very fact that different lifestyles exist amongst our own cliques of people.”

“As I moved to bigger cities and started traveling as a teenager I realized the plethora of diversity that exists every 50 KMs of our country and I was in awe of this new found discovery. I felt passionate towards preserving this beauty of diversity in our society and experience taught how small changes can accumulate to larger, more impactful things - and thus began my journey of building impactful communities.”

“I like to take inspiration from work, be inspired everyday and contribute towards building meaningful relationships. While building and running the Human Library, Hyderabad, I could see myself as a people’s person. That experience sowed the seed of community management in me. I believe that passion driven work is always more impactful that just education driven work. Four years later in the field I believe in this even more.”

“I initiated Incluspace that works towards sensitizing people about inclusion. The need for empathy towards diverse backgrounds is undeniable, now more than ever. Breaking stereotypes is important and we need to be aggressive about that. I help people understand different lifestyles not because people choose to be ignorant, but because experiences could be different and not everyone has had experiences where they have had a chance to interact with diverse people.”

“I Chose the role at Defy primarily because I liked the founders. I knew that I would be working with cool people. At the time that I joined Defy, we were at a pivotal part of the growth cycle. We had to build impactful, meaningful conversations that ensured that our community was strung together by a larger purpose and camaraderie.”

“Today, I think, we are building something potentially big. Potentially impactful. And that is why it is a place where I want to not just grow but thrive. Defiance, to me, is making these small decisions to stand out, to voice your opinion when you know there is scope for improvement, and more importantly, never give up!”

We’re building a team of Defyers who do not take no for an answer, but instead find solutions to any problem thrown in their direction.

Do you have what it takes?

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