Out Of The Block with Saran

What does it take to defy the norm? See what our Operations Head, Saran SB has to say about it.

Out Of The Block with Saran

Celebrating two years of exhilarating rule-breaking, Saran SB, Operations Head, Defy, talks about his experiences on the path to defiance. Here's the story:

''Born and brought up in Bangalore, I grew up as an extremely fun-loving guy. Somewhere along the way, I felt the need to be defined by more than the grades on a piece of paper. So, I dropped out of college, and went on to work at Dell as my first job!''

''At Dell, I discovered my passion for empowering the people around me to bring out their best selves. Launching my own startup gave me the power to collaborate with innovative professionals from different backgrounds to bring their plans to reality. Over the years, I have held various roles that revolved around managing teams & businesses.''

''Bhagaban and I were former co-workers, and when he launched Defy, I knew right away it's where I wanted to be. I had always admired Bhagaban’s work ethic, and the combined professional expertise of Nakul, Bhagaban and Sriharsha created a transparent work environment which nurtured my growth tremendously. Together, we took a small team of six people and built it to a strong army of forty, and growing.''

''At Defy, everyone has a voice. I am constantly learning from the unique experiences that our diverse team brings to the table. Nothing feels better than celebrating our hard work with a couple of beers at the end of the day. The FinTech industry has offered the world so many opportunities beyond the traditional jobs that we all knew while growing up, and I feel fortunate to be a part of this revolution. Looking back at the growth Defy has achieved in just two years, and I am confident that if we continue to tackle challenges head on with our spirit of unbounded defiance, we can create something meaningful and striking.''

We're building a team of Defyers who do not take no for an answer, but instead find solutions to any problem thrown in their direction.

Do you have what it takes?

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